The Process Is Simple: We Write Your Papers for You

If you are interested in how things happen at, we can easily explain it in six short words: we write your papers for you. There is really nothing more to it. You place your requirements, and we do our best to fulfill them. More specifically, here is what happens at every stage of the writing process:

  1. When you submit your order, we start up our mechanism to find the most suitable writer for you. You see, we have thousands of writing specialists and finding the right one to work on your order might take some time. Do not worry, though the time for finding a writer is factored in the total order delivery time.
  2. Once assigned, the writer receives your order requirements. Since, by default, the writer has suitable qualifications, it doesn’t take him much time to define which sources to use and which not to. When the list of sources is defined and coordinated with the number of sources you have specified, the research begins. We demand that writers use only approved sources and never EVER consult forums and other non-verified sources (unless the very nature of your paper requires it).
  3. After all the research is done, the writer will develop the paper outline and the first draft. The customer can approve the draft and sketch out the recommended changes, which the writer is obliged to implement.
  4. Gradually moving forward, the writer will refine the paper until he is completely satisfied with it. However, his opinion is definitely not the decisive one. After all the final touches have been applied to the paper, it will pass the quality and plagiarism check. If the originality score is satisfactory, we will send it to the customer. If not… let’s just say, it will entail grave consequences for the writer.
  5. Finally, when a customer receives the paper, he is entitled to request a free revision. Mind you, there is no need to prove that something is wrong with your paper. All you have to do is use this right of yours, and we will implement it without further questions.

Due to the simplicity and transparency of the process used at, we can ensure that every customer leaves satisfied. Why don’t you place your order now to see just how nice and convenient it is?