Most Frequently Asked Questions about

Here you can get answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

General questions

1.     What kind of services does your company provide?

Despite its name, provides all kinds of academic papers to its customers. We write essays, articles, reviews, reports, research papers, dissertations and many other assignments. You can find the full list in the ordering form. If something is not on our list, please contact our support department for more information.

2.     What guarantees do you provide to your customers?

We have established four main guarantees that help us serve our customers at the highest level:  high quality of papers delivered, timeliness of fulfillment, affordable price and protection of your personal information.

3.     Do you protect my personal information?

Our company has a strict non-disclosure policy, which means that personal information of our customers is always safe and never transferred to third parties. Lack of breaches in our database and the limited nature of the information collected from customers help us prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive data.

4.     How do I order?

To place an order with our service, proceed to the order page and complete the ordering form. Once submitted, the form will become the official proof of your order. To speed-up the process, please pay for your paper at once, since we work on the pre-payment basis.


5.     What are the prices here?

We struggle to maintain our rates at a medium level. To keep them at bay, there is a system of discounts that can take up to 40% off your order. All you need to do is follow the news! The inbuilt calculator will notify you of the price of your order before you place it.

6.     What payment system do you use?

We use several payment systems including PayPal to increase convenience for our customers. Choose the one that fits your needs best. You will be presented the entire list of payment options available at the payment stage of your order submission.

7.     Are there any free services included?

The price of your order includes free access to an online communication tool to get in touch with your writer, as well as free revisions after order delivery. You can also choose a preferred writer completely free of charge.

8.     Are there any hidden charges?

Our company has a transparent pricing policy and does not apply any hidden charges. The amount you have paid for your order at the very beginning will not change in the process, unless you need to change paper requirements so much that it would make more sense to place another order.


9.     Do you have a support team?

Our support department works around the clock and is accessible by phone or email. There are enough support operators to handle high call volume. They have all the necessary information to give answers to your questions.

10.  Can I contact my writer?

As regards communication with your writer, you will have access to a special message board where you can contact the writer, evaluate his work and provide commentary.


11. What kind of writers work at this company?

We have all kinds of writers – starting from bachelor degree holders and up to PhDs. Every one of them is experienced and has passed a tough selection process. Also, writers are assigned to orders in line with their qualification levels. In other words, a novice writer will not work on a dissertation and vice versa.

12. Can I get a preferred writer?

To request a specific writer to work on your order, you need to specify the writer’s ID in the ordering form. Subject to availability, the writer will be assigned to work on your paper.